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Tickets for public transport
There are three forms of tickets available for public transport services:
Paper tickets
Suitable for persons, who use public transport for few a journeys. One day time ticket costs € 0,90 and is valid for 60 minutes in weekdays and 90 minutes on weekend and public holidays. Night time ticket costs € 1,60 and is valid for 90 minutes. Tickets has to be marked in the marking machine, after the passenger enter the vehicle. Paper tickets are available at the outside newspaper stores and also in the ticket machines, located at busy bus stops. There are also available all day or all week paper tickets.
Travel card
Cheap option for persons, who use public transport daily. With valid travel card, passengers can use public transport in prepaid area at day and night with no limits. Travel card is valid at least for 30 days for price around € 27. It is also possible to buy a travel card valid for 90 days or 365 days. To get a travel card, it is required to have an ID card or passport, photography of yourself and visit an office of public transport, located at "Olejkárska ulica 1". Validity of travel card may be extended.
SMS tickets
Comfortable option, suitable for persons, who use public transport rare and do not have paper ticket or travel card. To get an electronic ticket, it is required to send a blank SMS to 1100 from Slovak mobile network providers. Regular SMS ticket costs € 1 and is valid for 70 minutes for day or night routes. SMS ticket has to be received within 2 minutes after request SMS is sent, but sometimes it may take a bit longer. Passenger has to enter the public transport vehicle with received SMS ticket.
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Tickets for public transport